3 thoughts on “Repowering to a Beta 25 from a Westerbeke 21”

  1. Hey! I’m about to install a new Beta 25 too…..

    Question about how you attached the engine mounts to the engine bed – did you simply tap threads into what looks to be the thick aluminum plates that you used to shim the engine up to the level it needed to be?

    I need to raise my engine bed a little bit also, about 1/2 inch. Was considering using aluminum plates for this. Removing the old mounts involved a nitemare of trying to reach the nuts under the engine bed. I was thinking that making threads in the new aluminum plates would be so much easier than trying to replace the nuts way underneath…would make it a lot easier to align the engine to the shaft.

    1. Glad to hear it, I did tap the aluminum flat stock for the 3/8” engine mount bolts. It made alignment a lot easier, and I have been happy with the setup with 300 hours and some very rough seas on it. I ordered an aluminum-specific tap from McMaster that did a really clean job on the thick material—worth the small expense. Have you ordered your engine yet? What kind of sailboat is your new Beta going in?

  2. Yes, thanks for the response! I’ll check out the special tap for that. Yes, the engine has been ordered and is about to arrive. Putting into a J/35. The fit is pretty good and I won’t have to modify the engine bed other than to shim it up a bit as mentioned.

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