Rebuilding a compromised mast-step and stringer in a Sabre 42 CB Sailboat

Unfortunately the mast step stringer on this Sabre 42 had a limber hole (for drainage) that had never been sealed, and was therefore severely compromised.

While this may not have caused damage on every boat, this Sabre had sat for several years with full, wet bilges. The mast step showed signs of squishiness, and further investigation revealed that the mast step was indeed rotting.

The first challenge was to get the original stringer removed. This involved 3+ hrs with a chisel and hammer, before sanding the whole area smooth.

To ensure that the new mast step would not fall victim to the same fate, a half-round limber hole was built out of solid fibreglass.

After preparing the half-round, it was time to cut the marine plywood. An entire sheet went into this single stringer.

First stringer piece going in…

We created a full jig to ensure that the overall mast step and positioning remained the same as each piece of the stringer was coated in epoxy and bonded in place.

Marking positioning before starting work on the drain.

Drainage was very important to ensure this mast step stays dry! A custom sloped drain slot was the solution, made of solid epoxy to ensure no water gets near the mast step.

Once the step and drain were complete, it was time for 14 layers of fibreglass.

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